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Rosemary Ruthven | Dyslexia and Reading Specialist

Reading and Dyslexia Specialist, and Senior Trainer, Rosemary Ruthven,
has launched her Structured Literacy ABC courses.

After 30+ years of teaching, training educators, assessing and tutoring,
working in Australia, the US and Singapore, it is Rosemary’s heartfelt desire to make it easier to provide research-based initial literacy instruction for all students, and practical intervention for students with dyslexia.

Upon completion of each day of coursework, attendees will receive
a FREE PDF of all assessments, programs and instructional resources.

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Course A – All About Sounds: Phonology to Phonics teaches the basic neuroscience of how the brain learns to read, write & spell and the neuro-biological factors that can impede the process. Learn how to assess each component of a student’s literacy proficiency and be given practical strategies and resources to develop foundational skills from phonology to phonics. It’s All About Sounds. Once they have the sounds they need, watch how quickly they will read!



August 24th, October 11th, Nov 24th

9:00am-4:00pm   Pearl Beach   $250pp (Max 10 pax)


Course B – Beginning Decoding and Encoding teaches how to systematically introduce the rules associated with the encoding and decoding of English language structures, using a structured, sequential and cumulative approach, so that reading, writing and spelling are taught simultaneously. Participants will learn multi-sensory strategies and be walked through the scope and sequence of 30 lessons.



*Participants must have completed Course A

August 25th, October 12th, Nov 26th

9:00am-4:00pm   Pearl Beach   $250pp (Max 10 pax)


Course C – Consolidating Reading, Writing and Spelling provides further strategies and resources to develop students’ reading fluency, critical comprehension, metacognition, spelling proficiency, writing composition and self-evaluation of literacy skills.



Participants must have completed Courses A & B

2019 course dates to be scheduled later in 2018
9:00am-4:00pm   Pearl Beach   $250pp (Max 10 pax)



Rosemary Ruthven | Dyslexia and Reading Specialist

Rosemary Ruthven is a Reading Specialist (USA), an Associate Member of the Australian Dyslexia Association (AMADA), Dyslexia Screener, Irlen Screener, Course Designer and Senior Trainer. Rosemary lives and works on the Central Coast of NSW, where she runs a private practice, assessing and tutoring students with reading difficulties/dyslexia.  In creating the Structured Literacy ABC courses, together with the free PDF of the programs that accompany them, Rosemary’s heartfelt desire is to make it easier to provide research-based literacy instruction for all students - beginning in early childhood onwards, and to provide appropriate intervention for students with reading difficulties/dyslexia. Rosemary has been using and refining her programs in her own professional practice over the last three decades and wants to share her Intellectual property with people earnestly seeking to further develop the reading, writing and spelling skills of their students.


Rosemary did her undergraduate studies (B.A. Dip. Ed.) at Macquarie University, Sydney and from 1980 taught in Public and Catholic primary schools both in Sydney and regional NSW. During that time, Rosemary received additional training to work with students speaking English as an additional language (then known as ESL). In 1985 Rosemary moved to Southern California and taught in the Bilingual Unified School Districts of Paramount and Santa Ana. Rosemary did further studies to become an accredited bilingual language development specialist and completed her Masters (M.Sc. Reading Specialist) at California State University, Fullerton in 1998.


Rosemary was then invited to become a Literacy Curriculum Specialist for the Santa Ana School District (60,00 students). Her role included writing curriculum, creating Summer School literacy intervention courses for Year 1 students, formulating district assessments, exams and marking criteria, as well as providing ongoing professional development for teachers. Rosemary taught the Reading and Literacy Learning in the 21st Century (500 and 500B) courses at Chapman University and provided preparatory training for teachers wishing to take the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA). Rosemary authored and co-authored a series of books for teachers called The Write to Know Series (Advanced Learning Press). 


Rosemary returned to Australia in 2003, did casual teaching in NSW public and Catholic schools, and facilitated Tutorials for the EDST2200 K-5 course for Primary Education teachers at Newcastle University (Ourimbah Campus). Rosemary also supervised practicum teachers from Sydney University and Newcastle University. Rosemary volunteered to become part of the START READING initiative at the Beachside Family Centre (SaCCs) in Umina and created the Fun with Sounds program for pre-schoolers to develop early childhood phonological skills. Later, Rosemary was contracted by Active Learning Centre International to write curriculum, design courses and train teachers in Singapore and Australia.


Rosemary served as Vice President of the Central Coast Dyslexia Association during which time she provided free training for teachers on the Central Coast. Rosemary continues to present at conferences and provides free seminars for parents and the community. 

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