Course C & C2 - Consolidation of Reading Writing and Spelling**

(2 Days) $500pp **Prerequisite - Completion of Course B


Course C & C2 - Consolidating Reading, Writing and Spelling provides strategies and resources to develop students’:

  • Understanding of Morphology and its applications to reading, writing, and spelling. 

  • Critical Comprehension and Analysis of text.

  • Oral Discussion skills around quality literature and author’s literary techniques.

  • Writing composition and the processes involved in producing a quality piece.

  • Metacognition and Self-evaluation


Discover where each student is operating on the Literacy Continuum and differentiate your instruction accordingly. Learn how to plan out your teaching year around Essential Understandings. and develop targeted literacy skills within the context of key learning areas. Find out why writing across the curriculum is so powerful for consolidating enduring learning. Learn practical ways to successfully integrate interactive journaling and collaborative writing as powerhouse strategies to create a supportive classroom environment for all students, especially those with learning differences like dyslexia and dysgraphia. The complimentary teaching resources for the program (PDF’s & Power Points) can be used for whole-class literacy instruction for Years 3-5, or as targeted intervention for small-groups and individuals. 


DATES:                      4 February 2022

TIME:                         TBA

VENUE:                     TBA

TRAINER:                  TBA 

FEE:                           $500pp