Course C - Consolidation of Reading Writing and Spelling*

(Full Day *Prerequisite- Completion of Course A & B)


Structured Literacy Course C – Consolidation of Reading, Writing and Spelling provides more practical hands-on strategies and resources to assist students gain reading fluency and critical comprehension. It also helps students understand that with English spelling, there can frequently be more than one combination of letters to represent a particular sound. E.g. The /or/ sound in bought, taught, because, saw, more, cord. Participants will learn more ways to teach students how to enhance and refine student writing skills and to become Text analysers and Self-Evaluators. A

Complimentary pdf of Structured Literacy Instructional Program C will be sent to participants upon completion of the course. 


DATES:                      To Be Advised in 2019.

TIME:                         9:00am-4:00pm 

VENUE:                     1 Diamond Rd, Pearl Beach or on school site as requested.

TRAINER:                  Rosemary Ruthven 

FEE:                           $250/person (Max.10 people)