Course B - Beginning Decoding and Encoding*

(Full Day *Prerequisite- Completion of Course A)


Structured Literacy Course B – Beginning Decoding and Encoding builds on the foundational knowledge and strategies covered and practised in Structured Literacy Course A. The course equips participants with further practical teaching strategies, incorporating an Orton Gillingham Multisensory Structured Language (OG-MSL) approach, to assist Educators teach to a linguistically logical, structured Scope and Sequence. Complimentary pdfs of extensive resources including the Structured Literacy Instructional Program B (30 lessons) will be sent to participants upon completion of the course, and completion of the Post-Test, to assist teachers provide research-based, explicit, systematic and cumulative instruction and intervention. 


DATES:                      July 17th, August 25th, October 12th, Nov 26th

TIME:                         9:00am-4:00pm 

VENUE:                     1 Diamond Rd, Pearl Beach or on school site as requested.

TRAINER:                  Rosemary Ruthven 

FEE:                           $250/person (Max.10 people)