Course B - Beginning Decoding and Encoding*

(6 Hours) $250pp *Prerequisite - Completion of Course A


Course B – Beginning Decoding and Encoding teaches how to systematically introduce the rules associated with the encoding and decoding of English language structures. Learn how to differentiate spelling instruction so that students know what multisensory strategies to use to anchor phonemically decodable words versus true “sight words”. Teach reading, writing and spelling simultaneously using a structured, sequential and cumulative approach based on a clear Scope and Sequence and 30 units, each unit containing the following components:

  • Stimulus Poster related to the language structure in focus and its associated spelling rule(s).

  • Phonemic Awareness activity for practicing spoken words containing the targeted language structure. 

  • Single-Word Reading and Spelling List.

  • Sight Words that will be encountered in the Unit’s Sentences and Passages.

  • Sentences for Reading and Dictation containing words with the targeted structure. 

  • A Decodable Passage with Oral Comprehension Questions.

  • A Writing Prompt related to the reading passage for Interactive Journaling or Guided Writing practice. 

Learn how to assess and track each component of a student’s literacy proficiency using the Structured Literacy Diagnostic Assessment, which builds on the initial assessment included in Structured Literacy Course A. The complimentary teaching resources for the program (PDF’s & Power Points) can be used for whole-class literacy instruction for Years 1-2, or as targeted intervention for small-groups and individuals. 

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